Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Makes You an Adult?

We've had a great last few weeks and of course they were busy! Mom and Dad (Jeff's parents) came up to visit. It was so great spending time with them and for them to get to see Jackson growing! We always wish they could stay longer!

Then Ginia came up to visit! We were super excited because we haven't seen her since November and Jackson has grown so much since then. Unfortunately we were all sick during her trip! Poor Auntie Ginia got a glimpse of what it is like to have a sick, teething eighth month old! Not the prettiest site sometimes! We were glad she got to visit those and it was nice just relaxing and hanging out.

While she was here we got to stay up late talking, just sister to sister. We talked a lot about life and what we want to do with our lives and how weird it is that I'm about to graduate college and she graduated about five years ago! It's funny that even though we were raised by the same parents, in the same circumstances, etc., we have turned out very different with very different hopes and dreams. It was fun sharing those with each other.

Then, today in my class we were talking about emerging adults, ages 21-25. This category has changed a lot since the 1970's.  Before the mid 70's emerging adults weren't really labeled as "emerging" adults. They were more of just adults. It hasn't been until recently that we've had to brand this age group. Studies have shown that "emerging adults" are less responsible than people of that age from different generations. So what happened between the 70's or 80's and now? What did our Baby Boomer parents do to us (no offense mom and dad !) to where we are now not as competent adults?

A lot of it I believe comes from the fact that our Baby Boomer parents raised us with the idea of we can give our children so much and our children can do anything they want to and be anything they want to be. Now that is a great attitude, but at the same time, has it enabled all of us "emerging adults" to become too dependent on our parents? In today's world, young adults, ages 20-15, are typically not thought of as "real" adults. So what makes you really an adult? If you're married, if you have a house, if you have kids, if you can afford your children's college tuition? The list could go on and on. All I know is that I'm married, I have a kid, I own a house and yet I still do not feel like a real adult. When does that change? When Jackson starts school? When our kids are teenagers? When I don't look like I'm still 13?

Maybe after I graduate college? That is just around the corner! I'm about to start my last semester of classes! Yay! It has been such a long road, but I am grateful that I'll be getting my degree and even more grateful that someday I can be an example to Jackson that if you put your mind to it, you can do it!

On another note, this week we had to give away Riley.  I miss her a lot, but know that she is in a good home with people that care about her. She'll always be my little smiley Riley!

She loved Jackson so much!

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